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we found that most young people have a lot of desires and aspirations. They want to achieve a lot in life such as too much wealth and too much fame. But unfortunately most of them fail to achieve their goal. Because they do not know how to achieve this goal or pay the price.They Don't want to make a sweat, don't want to constantly try and make a sacrifice in this way.

There is a definite way to do everything we do in our daily life. If life is not spent properly, the precious times of our lives and the blessings that Allah bestows on us will be wasted.

Unless we move forward with a specific purpose in life, our hidden capabilities will not be exposed.Whenever the journey of human development begins with education. If a man wants to play his right, that is, humanity, then he has to study it. An educated person recognizes that he or she practices best in different situations. It should always be remembered that from the day we stopped reading, we started going backwards.who does not study is automatically eliminated or removed from the path. If you want to stay afloat, this is the only way to benefit yourself. If you do not follow this path, you will be removed.

The leader of the world can only be the one who can benefit the world. The person or the nation that is not ready to change is going to go down.

I know that the biggest difference between humans and animals is that humans can read and animals cannot read. This means that what who cannot read is not capable of being called human and illiterate does not pay the right to be truly human.

since man can read, he can become anything. Animals can't read and therefore cannot become anything.Only human being is a creature who can study. No matter how hard it may be on any creature other than human being, it can be trained but not educated.

Now the question arises as to what is the correct way of living.To acquire this principle books are play very important role in tell about history, teach positive values,, good moral that is to build character,effective communication,self improvement

When man learns to use his five senses well, his sixth sense awakens. And when the sixth sense is awakened, man with his closed eyes gains the ability to see everything that even the naked eye cannot see.

The principle of success does not belong to any nation or religion. It is a divine principle and is applicable to every person.The key to these principles is that anyone can use them and succeed.

I personally recommend start with holy quran. The Holy Quran is a divine book and the word of Allah.The holy Quran learning benifits are unlimited it guide in every matter of life and towards the straight path.

Zafar Khan,Mumbra,Thane-400612 Maharashtra india